If this is the demographic you’d most like to connect with, you’ll love Heated Affairs

If this is the demographic you’d most like to connect with, you’ll love Heated Affairs

Heated Affairs has a large community of users ready to have fun with you

It’s immediately clear that Heated Affairs has a large, active and dirty-minded community. Once you create an account, you’ll be greeted by the website’s main dashboard. This features a list of recent status updates. Most of these updates are explicit photos and videos that members have taken of themselves and/or their partners. Most updates have plenty of comments left on them, and you can choose to leave one too.

Heated Affairs has a sizable community of single women, married women and couples looking to add a third wheel. The search filter allows you to choose who you want to engage with. So it’s possible to only see ple.

I sent messages to women in each of the three categories listed above, based in Ohio, United States. (We always use this region when testing online dating websites, so we can ensure a fair comparison between them). Out of the 50 women I messaged, I received nine replies. A total of 25 women had viewed my profile within my seven days on the website.

This was with a Gold membership ($/month) . With this account, only paying female members can message you back (Unlike men, women can access Heated Affairs for free).

If I had upgraded to a “Standard Accounts” membership, I may have received even more replies from non-paying members. This membership tier costs an additional $ per month. So, for a pay-monthly account, that’s $ per month.

A lot of the accounts I messaged were deactivated shortly after I got in contact. That suggests that HeatedAffairs has an issue with fake accounts, although it’s also clear that the website is proactive about removing them.

Older women are most likely to be active on Heated Affairs

When choosing 50 women, I filtered my search results leniently, so women (and couples) of all ages would appear, provided they were based within 100 miles of Columbus, Ohio. I then ordered my search results by “last online.” This would create an accurate impression of the most active female users of Heated Affairs. It would also increase my odds of getting replies.

The majority of women who popped in my search results were over 40. Roughly one in five were couples’ accounts.

There are plenty of women under 30 registered to the website to speak to, although far less who had logged in within seven days.

The live cams are entertaining

With a Gold membership, you’ll be able to access Heated Affairs’ live cam streaming service. Whenever I logged into the website, there were hundreds of women available to connect with. You can chat with any of them using the live chat function, although you’ll have to pay extra for a private session.

You can choose to watch live cams from other users or from cam models. Below are a few options if you want to check out users:

Users on webcams may sometimes respond, but it’s pretty rare. However, it looks like they can see your messages and it’s a live webcam feed.

I would imagine it’s possible to meet up with some kinky women on Heated Affairs

I was able to engage in some sexually-charged conversations with most of the nine women who replied to my opening message. I didn’t manage to local hookup near me swap contact details with any of them, but this was usually through no fault of my own. I would imagine it’s more than possible to arrange a hookup on his website if you’re genuinely looking to do so.

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