The Angry POF chap (a lot of Fish.i have completely forgotten about concerning this room.

The Angry POF chap (a lot of Fish.i have completely forgotten about concerning this room.

I have totally forgotten relating to this place

Well folks, i simply happened right back on right here and realized We haven’t got a rant in over 1 / 2 per year. I have been exceptionally active and that I haven’t had times for POF as well as their shenanigans. Therefore I checked POF these days, and do you know what? Same fucking, boring, tired-assed individuals are ALWAYS around. Gee, I question exactly why? It is like We never left. While the same those who have there been a single day i created this blog will always be AROUND! Exactly what a shock, huh? I think POF is much like a time capsule. An additional 40 years, while I’m in a nursing house, pinching nurses asses, We’ll most likely access POF before my dementia kicks in but still look at exact same sorry sacks on there.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find actually one interesting profile to trash. It had been like starting a 1980s period food store back when their unique universal brand names was available in a plain white field with black characters. Bor-ing!

You never know when– or if– i-come right back. I’ve obviously have additional success appointment folks offline these days so I have not had a lot cause to use POF once more.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

“i am a snazzy chick”

Very swift rant for today, women.

I am not the biggest grammar Nazi on earth or things, it is the society getting so out-of-hand with using the wrong terminology (they truly are, here, and there as well as 2, to, and as well) that individuals tend to be actually utilizing keywords that are not also that much alike?

(the best got an ex whom wrote that she ACQUIRE likes me personally. I will be no enthusiast of criminals. Another typed she METALLIC adore myself. The woman is bracing by herself or strengthening the lady resolve to enjoy myself? And both terms are very different from STILL in pronounciation.)

Whatever the case, it would appear that women are now complicated STYLISH with GIRL, such as, “i am a cool smart.”

CLASSY (noticable SHEEK) mans trendy or fashionable. GIRL try slang for women. You can be “elegant” but you can’t be “a chic.”

Which is your own sentence structure concept for these days. You are (perhaps not “your” or “yore”) welcome.

Saturday, Oct 16, 2015

Would like to see testicle but zero D

Thursday, September 10, 2015

CREEPS STEER CLEAR before I mace ya ass!

Hey fellas, if you’re in my shitty area of the country, however discovered the “best” the terrible ‘Nati can offer.

The great news– she’s got based her own generation business. I’m not sure what it comes with, but ideally this means she won’t be observing my wallet.

About drawback, unless obtaining maced and shanked can be your thing, I question very first time would be all that fantastic. Not only will this bitch “mace ya ass,” she might even create a book regarding it, as well.

This, my personal visitors, is just why I’m not matchmaking once again until I keep Kansas.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

A confession of types

Sunday, March 29, 2015

The grass isn’t greener on the other side

I understand We haven’t been with us lately. Really, You will findn’t been on POF in a number of years and it is difficult be the mad POF guy when I’m maybe not going to POF anymore. I am 4 several months POF-free. I will acquire some method of certification or token like AA. (used to do temporarily try but I saw little well worth bitching about, simply the typical exhausted faces and golddiggers however longing for a sugar father.)

People suggested other sites, like MeetMe or Fetlife. Individuals guaranteed I would “get set” at Fetlife. This individual must-have underestimated the location of the country My home is; Cincinnati is actually a shitty city for matchmaking, as discovering a mate try obviously hard adequate to create statements. Hell, Daily creature brings Cincy a C standing for the singles here, and I think that’s getting big.

Better, i did so try a few other places. Since it turns out, these other areas blow the maximum amount of ass as POF. Maybe it is merely internet dating generally that sucks or even just because I reside in the ‘Nasty Nati.” In any case, it gives myself something to rant pertaining to.

We produced a free account and also make several fast buddies. But the online dating world there’s as flaky. I met that one woman on MeetMe, a slightly heavyset gal (I’m a chubby chaser, people thus I’m maybe not worrying) who defined by herself as “sweet but rather opinionated.” Sweet like Saccharin, maybe? We obtain to talking and she’s the one who shows we see. We change data but she never commits to an actual satisfy and do not phone calls. She trapped with arbitrary messages for a time. At long last we arranged on a daily basis to meet up with, and I have endured right up. After she pulled this stunt an additional energy, I finally expected the girl the reason we make an effort chatting at all. She responds she currently removed my telephone number from this lady cellphone (yet still is magically capable submit certain irritating texts afterword). Then, she extends back on MeetMe and laments how no guy values their and just how difficult it really is to get good guy, as well as men are jerks, etc. MeetMe/ similar to Mute myself, that’s the things I revolved around the woman.

I think people of Fetlife are common talk no motion, about going by girl We fulfilled truth be told there. I chatted with one, and once again i acquired the exact same cannot keep a discussion routine I discover at POF. 2nd girl whom contacts me personally chats with me, so we change data. We chat for four weeks (I took a cross nation trip so I ended up being gone for almost a all thirty days) until eventually we satisfy.

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